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If you are not sure about how to talk to your date, don’t worry and just prepare some topics in advance: websites with guides and video tutorials abound. Even my gallant housemate admits to hating the obligatory dinner purchase but feels he “has no choice”.After the date ends and you have arrived back home, the ‘after-message’ to confirm interest is vital. But don’t forget that timing is essential and that the message should be sent within 30 minutes to an hour after the end of the date to ensure optimal success!You’ve uploaded a good picture and now you are going to chat with a contact. That’s true for internet dating, as well […]There are some things that women should never do while engaged in any online relationship with a man.These things are certain to put a quick and final end to any further communications with him. Perfect Does […]Starting to date someone you just met online, can get a little boring at times.

What do other guys usually give on their 100th day?? Source: Daum tip forum Intimacy ☑ Hopefully sooner than later, you will decide to be intimate. No doubt, the savvy couple will know which websites and apps to use for special discounts. With everything you need to do conveniently and easily laid out for you, there really is no excuse not to date.The Confession ☑ Now if things are going smoothly and you are interested in her, be sure to formalise the deal with a love ‘confession’.Regardless of how long you have spent together, let alone what you have done together, things aren’t settled until you set in stone the two of you are ‘official’.(Love, however, is optional.) The shame of being branded a motaesollo — “a loner since conception” — is after all best avoided and how better to do that than by entering into a relationship?But in many cases, what I see is an expensive ritualised performance of courtship: a prescribed set of inevitable events marching toward the ultimate goal — marriage.

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