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Wheatstone’s concertina was carefully designed to get the best out of the free reed system, and he published several scientific papers on the subject.

Among other details, he established that a cylindrical shape would be most efficient, hence the six sided shape which approximates the ideal.

If Lachenal were the biggest concertina makers, then Charles Jeffries was considered to be the best, at least for Anglos.

He had worked with Jones at one time, but soon he was producing superb concertinas, with reeds made from steel that seemed better than anyone elses.

Coincidentally with the rise of the Music Hall for entertainment, the Duet system was developed and patented by Professor Maccann and licensed to Lachenal and later Wheatstone.

This at last provided a concertina that a professional musician could get his teeth into! It separated the treble and bass keyboards, and allowed the left hand to play counter melodies that crossed over with the range of the right hand.

John Connor has now established himself as a respected maker too.

Andrew Norman and ourselves with the Sherwood concertina are also makinfg small quantities.

Nowadays there are not many concertinas made in England, although after a short period of inactivity Wheatstone are making small numbers of concertinas as good as those of the past.

Alexander Prince, probably the best known Concertina player of all, made many recordings on the Mac Cann system.

Other Duet systems have been invented, most notably the Crane system, renamed the Triumph by the Salvation Army.

The system combines the German push-pull note arrangement of the harmonica, with the handy size, and refined sound of the concertina, and was originally known as the Anglo-German system.

This new system brought the concertina to the masses, with Lachenal and Co.

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Anglo Concertina | Duet Concetina | English Concertina Introduction: The Anglo is commonly used for dance-music, particularly Morris, and Irish music. Each button produces a different note on the push and draw of the bellows (so there are TWO notes per button).

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