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I just wanted to first and foremost, congratulate you on the biggest first step in the relationship!

You probably might not think much of it and consider it "inevitable" but culturally, it is a huge step for the relationship if the woman introduces her boyfriend to her family.

A bride from Laos has the warmth of heart, the exotic looks, and the family-first attitude that many men seek.It means that she is thinking you are the one, and want everyone's (or mostly everyone's) blessing/okay.One of the big things about the culture is that word gets around fast within the community (because it's so close-knit), and the reason why it's such a huge step is because once a woman is married, she's completely cut off from her family as a "daughter." It's a little confusing, and I don't want you to get confused so I'll clarify it a little bit: her family will still consider her a daughter/sister (and love her all the same), but spiritually she will not be, so she cannot just go back to her parents.Her sisters loved me, but her mom was very different.She couldn't speak english and disliked me immediately. This mom also gambled profusely and left her kids home alone all day.

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