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Sayoc’s arrest, “but that will be determined by the facts as the case goes forward.”And so, even as the details of a grim and bitter life began to emerge Friday, a shaken country was left to ponder what could have prompted someone full of political grievances to manufacture a slew of improvised explosive devices.Some of the packages falsely listed as a sender Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat. Schultz spoke, with a shaking voice, for the first time about the ordeal.“No matter what your political persuasion, we need to turn the volume down,” she said. I just can’t imagine that anyone would do this.”On Monday, law enforcement officials discovered the first package linked to Mr. Soros and others, according to the criminal complaint. Sayoc’s posts on various social media accounts in 2015 showed an obsession with workouts and night life promotion, with little to no political content.Here’s why the van could be key to the investigation. Sayoc had short stints in college as a young man, and had a passion for soccer, reflected in numerous soccer-themed messages on the van. Sayoc seemed like a friendly man, based on the short interactions she had with him, and described the shows as “Magic Mike style,” a reference to a 2012 movie about male strippers, “Magic Mike.”More recently, she said Mr. Sayoc at one point had “a lot of money, but lost most of it.” He did not elaborate on how Mr. He “then stated that he didn’t deserve it and that he was going to blow up” the utility.He attended Brevard College, a small, Methodist-affiliated liberal arts college in Western North Carolina, for a year beginning in the fall of 1980 and played on the soccer team but did not graduate, according to a spokeswoman. Sayoc was obsessed with bodybuilding and worked as a male stripper. Sayoc had been talking to her husband about starting a new business: fish farms. The customer service representative pressed an emergency button, which began recording the conversation. Sayoc stated that what he planned would be worse “than 9/11” and that he planned to blow the agent’s head off, according to the records. Sayoc did not want to be making such threats, prosecutors said he had replied “that he doesn’t make threats, he makes promises.” Mr.And he posted photographs of himself wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat at one of President Trump’s campaign rallies.After a frenzied nationwide search for the person who sent 13 makeshift bombs to some of Mr. Sayoc, 56, was arrested Friday morning in Plantation, Fla., at an Auto Zone car parts shop.“We will also continue to remove content that praises or supports the bombing attempt or the suspect as soon as we’re aware.”Much remains opaque about Mr. Some of his social media posts seemed to suggest he was part of the Seminole tribe in Florida. Sayoc’s father was from the Philippines and his mother was from Brooklyn.

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Trump and animosity toward those who clashed with him.“Dishonest Media,” read one on the van’s back right window.

“CNN Sucks.” Cross hairs appeared on a photograph of one of the liberal commentators at the network, which received more than one package from Mr. Records show he was a registered Republican; friends said he once danced as a male stripper.

Federal officials said Friday they were still exploring questions of motive.

“He appears to be a partisan,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at an afternoon news conference announcing Mr.

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