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When lamenting the lack of females honored by this year’s major National Magazine Awards, we got into a conversation about the dearth of quality women’s (print) magazines out there. “It would be like if I was trying to study at a pet store surrounded by puppies.” You follow? has been honoring “women who write” with a “unique mix of debate and analysis, advice and inspiration; news, reviews, interviews; competitions, events, courses, grants.

As a Professor of Magazineology, I thought it’d be worth everybody’s time to discuss which women’s magazines are actually worth your time! All served up with a challenging selection of new poetry and prose.” “The cultural road map for city girls everywhere.” [website] independently owned editor-in-chief: Amy M.

Definitely not for everybody, but its cost is somewhat justified by the fact that it’s basically an art/fashion book — one does not recycle is surprisingly non-terrible, despite the excessively airbrushed cover models, occasionally transparent product-pushing and traditional obsession with “slimming down,” getting “flat abs” and having better sex tonight.Speaking of other women’s fitness magazines, here’s how I feel about them: is okay, but there’s way too much self-help crap in there, pages upon pages of babble about how to be happier in 8 steps or something or sleep stress-free in five minutes a night.Just tell me how to get hot inner thigh muscles, mmk?Considering that I’m gay, have no interest in celebrity interviews (unless they’re gay) and “fashion” is a thing other people give me advice on but never something I feel confident approaching on my own, you’d think I have little need for lady mags. Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time in college, I was studying for my Hebrew final with a “pre-veterinarian” friend (studying for his Orgo final) in Barnes & Noble when I mourned my inability to get anything done at Barnes & Noble due to the café’s proximity to the magazine racks. Lesser // exec editor: Kat Long single issue: free [where to find go] GO Magazine has been the #1 source for lesbian nightlife and entertainment in the New York City area for about a decade, and is now distributed nation-wide.I’d constantly get up and “borrow” new magazines and read them instead of studying. Fanatics may notice that with the exception of Barack Obama and trans icon Topher Gross, almost every GO!

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Its smartly-toned features are often topical and relatable and its fitness and nutrition advice occasionally more fresh and relevant than its newsstand buddies.

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