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Louis XIII of France enlisted many of these troops.However, they swore no allegiance to the King, nor to each other, and, therefore, many of them also battled against the French, especially in Flanders, under the command of Ottavio Piccolomini, a Florentine mercenary paid by the Habsburgs.

Surprisingly, these soldiers wore broad scarves wrapped around their necks as you can see in the pictures.

So obviously, Croats were on both sides of the battlefield.

As such, it is unclear if the French or the Germans were the first to adopt it.

In the wake of the upheavals of the Thirty Years War, Europe introduced the necktie as we know it today.

While the tie’s predecessor, the scarf, was notably present before the war, it is still difficult to build a timeline and determine the exact history and progression of the necktie.

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What little we know is that scarves were documented to be in use on two occasions historically in different civilizations.

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