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Or: one day he claims he was at home and then when somebody saw him out and about in town he claims to have gone for a drink on his own without feeling the need to ask one of his friends to come along.Doesn't like it when mom shows around kid pictures of him and his toy kitchen oven.I was objecting to the idea of one poster who seemed to think that every straight man has a 'favorite female porn star' which is totally absurd. Those figures don't even add up to 50% of straight guys watching porn.r83, how do you know that all these educated men don't watch porn? The non-porn film industry has abominably larger figures and - still - not everybody in the world watches films. The only reason I do is growing up gay in a small town, no other gay people around, no gay men on TV and if there were they were totally sexless.My ex-boyfriend: age 57 and never married has grown to really love musicals loves paintings, sculpture, all art at art museums loves the symphony and symphonic music has lived with a platonic childhood friend for last 30 years in a house that five guys owned together at age 27 and then the 5 guys dwindled to just two guys 20 years ago very devoted to his parents who live in the same city with him, especially devoted to his mother and seeks her company chose blue and pink flowered wallpaper for one of his bathrooms 15 years ago no girlfriends, except for me in last 30 years this part doesn't seem to fit in - very athletic all his life - played football and baseball in college and high school, has been a coach of baseball his whole adult life Back in the 80s, we used to joke that the true test of a closeted was his thinking that Linda Evans was hot. Guys who say, I don't have a label on my sexuality.Straight men didn't find Evans fuckable, but gay men believed that straight men did want to fuck her. I know this one guy who wouldn’t use any labels to define his sexuality.

Who on Earth do you think is driving the straight porn empires of the entire planet? Of course not every straight man looks at or is interested in porn on the internet but it's no excuse to live in dreamland.

You are way off base on the topic of porn.[quote]Where do you get the idea that married straight men, or even most unmarried straight men watch porn? Wikipedia: In the United States, the pornographic film industry is centered in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, with an estimated 200 production companies in the region employing as many as 15,000 performers, making up to 11,000 films and estimated to earn as much as billion a year I've known a ton of men who do not watch porn.

Educated men with masters and Phd degrees - or just educated men in general - often do not watch porn at all.

R52, what kind of people have you surrounded yourself with in your past or present life? You say: All straight men, like all gay guys have a fav pornstar. An easier question is who are his favorite actresses.

If he's a big fan of Judi Dench and Helen Mirren--gay.

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If he says Megan Fox or Blake Lively--probably straight.

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