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Dating sites, social sites like My Space or Face Book and even online chat often comes with a photo attached or a profile detailing jobs, likes and dislikes.When it comes to MMORPGs you have nothing to go on – or do you?All the typical topics of social conversation with their preset answers can be stripped away and people can just be themselves.Admittedly, while they are physically represented by a mythical creature.Socialising online is typically more relaxed and easier going than it is at a bar or a club.For a start, you don’t need to fear a humiliating rejection when you approach someone. The very medium itself encourages you to listen fully to the other person, you have to take turns to talk, and you can spend time thinking about your thoughts before fully articulating them.The explosion in chatrooms, social websites and instant messaging, not to mention internet dating, has rendered the phenomenon unremarkable.People no longer look shocked when couples explain that they first met on the internet.

You may never even meet in real life but you can still be a supportive friend to someone.This is especially true in social MMOs like Second Life which boasts a huge sex park.If you want a real relationship then that’s probably not the best way to find it.For starters, the fact they are whiling away the hours in the same place you are gives you something in common straight away. Do they run and leave you behind at the first sign of trouble? The fact that the everyday topics count for little within a virtual world can be liberating.The type of character they have chosen, their attitude to in-game money, their attitude to other players, how they handle the pressure of combat and their reaction to winning or losing; all of these things can tell you a lot about a personality. Who cares what your job is, how much your house cost or who you voted for at the last election?

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