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Do you start in a place that's already positive, and thinking highly of your partner?

Or do you start in a place where you are suspecting the worst of your partner?

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Show Notes: Live at Ogg Camp 2018 with Alister, John, Jerry and Dave.

All of these conflict styles can lead to successful relationships. “Bids” that fail are often the beginnings of conflict.

Learn what to do if you and your partner are mismatched in your conflict style. Gottman discusses “bids” we make with our partner as an attempt to connect. How do things change if you start paying attention and responding to your partner's bids in a positive way?

John discusses how you can learn to repair, and the positive effects that has on long-term relationships.

According to John, there are three phases of any relationship: Falling in Love (initial), Building Trust (middle), and Cherishing Your Partner (long-term intimacy). The key to success is using strategies that are appropriate for where you are in your relationship.

Mindfulness is the key to noticing these bids and avoiding conflict.

“Small Things Often” - a reminder to turn toward these bids in the small moments of life. Gottman's concept of startup is a way of thinking about what you bring to your interactions with your partner.

The key to more sex is having the freedom to say "no" without being punished for it.

If refusing sex can actually have a positive payoff, then it will actually lead to a couple having a more satisfying (and frequent) sex life. Learn how shifts in your approach can have a profound affect on your relationship.

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