Dating multiple women cheating

They have fewer strategies in working out problems, in getting their needs met." If your marital problems have been ignored too long, the worse the prognosis for your marriage, says Kaplan.

"We try desperately to get to people before they have an affair. Then you're dealing with the lack of trust, the emotional repercussions." Before you cross the line, realize that cheating wives gain nothing, he tells Web MD.

The workplace, working out, the Internet -- women have more sexual opportunities than ever before.

If they're joined-at-the-hip constantly, they may be smothering each other's identity. The difference was the number of positive statements they made about each other." The happy couples said many more positive statements than negative ones to each other, says Kaplan."If the marriage is based on friendship, mutual respect, and caring, it can weather many problems.But after an affair, it's really hard to build that kind of foundation." It may sound un-sexy, but relationships take work. The essence of "working on a relationship" is to talk more often -- and more honestly, says Kaplan.The morning came when he went to work and I left for three days. If they're physically attracted to someone else, they may act on it," she tells Web MD. His "affair" with his work or some other passion like sports may turn her into a cheating wife.Can't say I had a miserable time but now that I have kids, I wouldn't do it again. "She doesn't feel valued, respected, she's not treated nicely, she feels taken for granted.

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"You need a marriage counselor, not an affair," he says.

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