Dating my husbands nephew

While you should definitely meet with an IVF specialist, you might want to think about a surrogate.

They're not minimal but they are substantially lower.

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Okay, the age disparity is obviously the elephant in the room in many respects, plus also when your child is 18 you will be 63.

If, however, you've carefully considered these aspects then good luck to you.

What should I do in order to make sure that I do not complicate the pregnancy at my age?

Even if he's only a nephew by marriage, it will raise eyebrows among those who know, and likely cause a shitstorm within the family. I think the age difference is too much for a long-term relationship.

need advice on handling relationship and pregnancy at this age.

The fact that she's 45 means that her clock is ticking very loudly.

I have been in a relationship with my own nephew (from husbands side) for the last 6 months.

My husband passed away 2 years back and its been very lonely since.

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