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The other reasons you mention have no basis in fact Do NOT get any lube on the O-ring, they brass pistons are designed to run dry.

"If it rattles, it's a Remington" is the old saying Thanks for all the input guys!

but ok - before we tire this young fella out ...we'll agree to disagree...

Magnum versions have 1 gas port versus two, if it is the slightest bit dirty, that explains your ejection issues.

BTW, a 3" load generates a longer pressure pulse, not higher pressure. They get old and get little cracks in them, get brittle... I relaced mine and my 11-87 worked perfectly from that point and cycled ALL types of shells regardless of load or length. I ended up selling the gun after a few years, never had to replace the O-ring again, but I think its common to do this every few years depending on how often you use it.

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Then wipe everything off with a clean rag, then reassemble.

Oh yes, use a pipe-cleaner to ream out the gas ports so they remain void of crud. I meant clean .....leave the trigger group in it for a year...on Slugo

I have been around all sorts of guns all my life, but just to shoot. This was probably the number one gun I shot when I was in Alaska (was always a favorite). I fly it back down from my last trip to Alaska, and it won't eject the shells.O-ring swells and will eventually become very soft.FWIW, I've replaced all my 1100 o-rings with ones made of nitrile.Get someone to help you take the gun apart / show you how to clean it properly hunch is, you'll enjoy owning the gun more ..understand how it works better. I rub off any gunk on the recoil tube with 00 steel wool and the action bar.I will then spray a little bit of G96 or Break Free CLP on the recoil tube, action bar and gas cylinder that is attached to the barrel.

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