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If you don’t want to turn it off, put your phone on silent and make sure that the “vibrate” function is off.

(If a call or text comes in, you are inevitably going to want to check it.) In the beginning of dating, you have to go out of your way to be polite and to think of the other person’s feelings, and nothing is a turn-off quite like the person opposite you compulsively playing with their phone.

One of my friends wrote, "I've had a taste for something all day long but couldn't figure out what...until I realized it was your lips! If you're too shy, or if you haven't been dating your guy long enough to send something that racy, a cute, "How's the handsomest guy I know? DON' T leave your cell on the table during meals Unless you're Barack Obama, there's no need for this.

It's like saying, "I'm just hoping someone more interesting and/or important tries to reach me." Keep it in your bag and check it during a trip to the ladies' room.

Even when you do need to check your phone, ask for permission.

I promise you this: If you ask your new date whether it’s okay for you to check your phone, he or she will seriously appreciate it.

They understandably wonder if you are checking the time because you are looking for an excuse to leave, or they may wonder if you are looking to see if you got a text from someone else you might be meeting up with later.

If someone keeps checking their phone, say sweetly with a smile, “Would it be okay if I ask if we put our phones away while we are still getting to know each other?

” By asking the question this way, you aren’t coming across as attacking or judgmental.

Typically, I’m not someone who thinks a lot about etiquette.

For instance, you’ll never find me reading a copy of Emily Post’s famous book.

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