Dating really skinny guys

Or you might wear a light blue shirt with a grey cardigan and a navy jacket.

Lots of guys struggle with coordinating their outfit, but the simpler you keep it, the easier it becomes.

The first step in creating a stronger impression is to stop wearing clothes that make you look physically weaker.

And chances are, if you’re a skinny man, you’re wearing such clothes right now. The biggest offenders are over-sized, billowing clothes. By wearing clothes that are too large for you, you make yourself look like a skeletal scarecrow.

And if not now, I bet you have worn such clothes and probably will again. Skinny guys often try to hide their frame by wearing larger clothes, thinking they’ll look larger themselves as well. On the opposite end, you also want to stay clear of skin-tight clothes, since they’ll accentuate your skinny frame just as much. Your clothes should drape over your body, following your frame closely without billowing or stretching anywhere.

The best thing about thick-knit clothes is that they not only are thicker than regular knits, but they’re usually textured as well, which means you can strike two birds with one stone.

When guys think of beefing up, few take their necks into consideration. But Aristotle, in his works on physiognomy (essentially, how people judge other people based on physical appearance), mentions a sturdy neck as a sign of courage and strength.

A thin neck, on the other hand, is a sign of weakness and even cowardice.

Choosing the right fabric is another easy way to add some visual bulk.

Textured fabrics, for instance, give the illusion of having more mass than smooth ones.

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Likewise, you want your clothes to go from light patterns and textures to stronger ones.

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