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It was spherical in shape with antennae sticking out of it and carried instruments for measuring radiation, magnetic fields and meteorites.It also carried metal pendants which it scattered on the surface on impact, with the hammer and sickle of the USSR on one side and the launch date on the other.In 1963, on Khruschev’s orders, he propelled the first woman into space, Valentina Tereshkova, which enabled the Soviet Union to make propaganda mileage by claiming that under communism women were treated equally to men.After 1961, under President Kennedy, American efforts intensified while the Soviet programme suffered from infighting after Korolev’s death at 59 in 1966, following an operation that went wrong.

Keeping these switched on means we can offer you all the services available on our site and tailor the offers we and our partners share with you.Sputnik 2 took the first living creature out into space, a sweet-tempered dog called Laika, though she did not last as long as the Russians pretended.More Sputnik missions tested life-support systems and re-entry procedures.It confirmed that the moon had only a tiny radiation field and, so far as could be observed, no radiation belts.The spacecraft had no propulsion system of its own and the third and final stage of its propelling rocket crashed on the moon about half an hour after Luna 2 itself.

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The total silence meant that Luna had hit its target and there was great jubilation in the control room.

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