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The hearings are depicted in the HBO movie “Confirmation,” which premiered Saturday.

The nomination proceedings were contentious from the start, especially over the issue of abortion, and many women's groups and civil rights groups opposed Thomas on the basis of his conservative political views, as they had also opposed Bush's Supreme Court nominee from the previous year, David Souter.

The senators' focus as they questioned Thomas and an array of witnesses for and against the nomination was on Thomas' legal views, as expressed in his speeches, writings, and the decisions he had handed down as a federal appeals court judge.

At one point in the beginning of the proceedings, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Joe Biden asked Thomas if he believed the Constitution granted any sort of property rights to individuals as described in Richard Epstein's book Takings: Private Property and the Power of Eminent Domain, which had been published by Harvard University Press in 1985.

The allegations led to a media frenzy about sexual harassment, and further investigations.The couple began seeing each other after Thomas separated from his first wife, Kathy Ambush.They continued to date while he was still married to Ambush for nearly four years.Justice William Brennan stepped down from the Supreme Court in 1990.Thomas was one of five candidates on Bush's shortlist and was the one Bush was most interested in nominating.

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“He was meticulous about every part of his anatomy from the top of his head to his toes and had an immaculately maintained bedroom,” she said of the jurist with whom she claimed to have engaged in threesomes that included his female colleagues.

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