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But in this day and age there is absolutely no reason to involve a middle man like a dating agency.All you need to do is hop on an international dating site and start chatting on the women themselves, you can read their profile and check out their pictures and then send them a message.We will try to give you a guide to help make sure that you do not get taken advantage of in the same way that so many others have been before.There are many sexy ladies in this country that would make a wonderful foreign bride, but there are also lots of people out there using this to their advantage.We put she in quotes because who knew if this girl even existed.There was a very good chance that this was just some scam agency stringing guys along after sending them pictures of amateur models on the other side of the world.

Oh ya, and please pay more money so that we can stay in contact together, don’t worry baby I am coming to you soon.

Remember the average person in Ukraine earns a little under 5,000 Hyrvnia a month.

At the current rate of exchange this is under 0 USD. Well now thanks to the internet these scammers have many more guys to try to pull a fast one on.

Using a dating agency will just add more variables into play and make it more likely that something goes wrong.

But how do you know which international dating sites to choose?

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Some scam agencies would just go for little paper cuts and keep charging guys a small fee.

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