Dating the historical buddha part 2

Then, you can practice Buddhism and take part in centuries-old traditions. You will need to take refuge in the Triple Gem and follow a ceremony during which you take a vow to uphold the Five Precepts (to not kill, not steal, not commit sexual misconduct, refrain from false speech and not take intoxicants that lessen your awareness).

Siddhartha has followed his father’s example with conviction, but still he longs for something more.Despite his solid spiritual upbringing among the Brahmins, Siddhartha still seeks the meaning of life, and he embarks on a quest to find enlightenment.Brahmins are members of the highest of the four interdependent groups, called castes, that make up Hindu society.Siddhartha is a young Brahmin, handsome and learned, with the potential to be a prince among his caste members.Everyone knows he is destined for greatness because he has mastered all the rituals and wisdom of his religion at an early age.

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His father is disappointed and says he does not want to hear the question a second time, but Siddhartha does not move.

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