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In 1885, the Once a Month magazine suggested that rumbies was a New South Wales term, and the poet Banjo Paterson stated in the introduction for his poem Brumby's Run published in the Bulletin in 1894 that Brumby is the Aboriginal word for a wild horse.Horses first arrived in Australia in 1788 with the First Fleet.Today, most of them are found in the Northern Territory, with the second largest population in Queensland. Brumbies are the descendants of escaped or lost horses, dating back in some cases to those belonging to the early European settlers, including the "Capers" from South Africa, Timor Ponies from Indonesia, British pony and draught horse breeds, and a significant number of Thoroughbreds and Arabians.

The Australasian magazine from Melbourne in 1880 said that Brumbies were the bush name in Queensland for 'wild' horses.They were imported for farm and utility work; recreational riding and racing were not major activities.By 1800, only about 200 horses are thought to have reached Australia.The Pangaré Brumbies appear to have adapted well to their coastal environment, where they are consuming saltbush, which they do not appear to be damaging.The Department of Environment and Conservation and the Outback Heritage Horse Association of Western Australia (OHHAWA) are monitoring these particular Brumbies to ensure the careful management of these unusual feral horses.

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