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She went on a free-spirited streak and changed her name to Tammy 2 years later at the age of 13 she had begun a professional singing career.It has also been said that she was a heavy drinker and was promoscious but she was still a sweet person.In 1960 by right before her 15th birthday she signed with Specter Records and recorded a doo-wop single "If You See Bill" it was released under the name Tammy Montgomery it did help establish her as in some R&B networks with popular fellow Philly natives such as Chubby Checker and Patti La belle and the Blue belles.She became the opening act for Gene Chandler and later caught the attention of James Brown.Her parents were expecting a boy but obviously they had to make some adjustments but she often called "Tommie" by her family.She began singing and playing the piano at an early age.

All in all I think she was just trying to live becuase her days were numbered I think she was wanted to be loved and accpeted more than anything.In 1960, she signed to a record label where she recorded a couple of singles.She left that label to sign on with James Brown where she began singing back up in his revue.As I have said before in previous posts much of taste in music comes from the influence of my grandparents and I feel as though that is a good thing.As a songwriter who writes lyrics and a fan of music I love listening to old R&B music.

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Even though she was only 17, Tammi became sexually involved in an abusive relationship with James who was almost 30.

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