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Another major change to the bankruptcy laws involves certain hurdles that you must clear before even filing for bankruptcy, no matter what the chapter. Also, before you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you must satisfy a “means test.” This test requires you to confirm that your income does not exceed a certain amount. Read more on dealing with debt from the FTC or contact the AFSA’s Education Foundation at 1-888-400-2233 for more credit and money management information.You must get credit counseling from a government-approved organization within six months before you file for any bankruptcy relief. The amount varies by state and is publicized by the U. Personal bankruptcy usually does not erase child support, alimony, fines, taxes, and some student loan obligations.Also, unless you have an acceptable plan to catch up on your debt under Chapter 13, bankruptcy usually does not allow you to keep property when your creditor has an unpaid mortgage or security lien on it. Department of Justice that supervises bankruptcy cases and trustees.Some of your property may be sold by a court-appointed official — a trustee — or turned over to your creditors.The new bankruptcy laws have changed the time period during which you can receive a discharge through Chapter 7.

They printed and mailed the pay-off checks immediately.

Not only did they get me my ’wish list” they were able to offer me a reduced length payment plan that took off 1/3 of the interest.

Fabulous customer service, quick response, understanding and very friendly.

If you take out a debt consolidation loan for that amount, you could combine all those balances into one loan.

This way you won’t have to juggle multiple bills all month long.

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You now must wait eight years after receiving a discharge in Chapter 7 before you can file again under that chapter.

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