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On the summer pool party/bbq circuit, I ran into Randy and we talked SOMBILLA and I mentioned I was doing this study. This summer, I analyzed each team's current 45-man roster and reviewed how every player ended up on the roster.

Randy lamented about 2010 when Future Wax (39-17) was swept by Eric (29-27) in the World Series, and that he couldn’t imagine any computer simulation from that season in which Eric’s team could win four consecutive games against FW. It should not come as a shock that Tom is the most prolific. I divided them up into three categories: While it may not be exactly the team that you (or Lamana) would draft, it would still kick some serious butt in the SOMBILLA.

The cheapest of cheap bastards, the owner spends way too much money on owner ‘amenities’ instead of on his loyal players.

So, overall, 34, or 1/3, went to 7 games as did the one in real life.

Card burnings for years prior to 1984 have not been documented, although it is believed that the annual SOMBILLA card burning did begin before 1984.

2000 - Nominations were received for John Rocker, Al Martin, Daryl Strawberry, and Bobby Chouinard, the most number of nominations ever.

Some more tidbits: David Ortiz was the MVP in 30 of the series. In real life David Ortiz was 7 for 29 (.241), with 2 homers and 4 rbis (1 BB and 1 2B) in the World Series, his SOMBILLA swan song, not exactly MVP material.

Certainly, had he performed as well as the 30 David Ortiz’s who won World Series MVP awards in this simulation (including perhaps hitting a 2-run homer in the 7 inning of game 7 to take a 4-3 lead in his last SOMBILLA at bat, instead of just missing and hitting a double [in which Ramos got thrown out at the plate]), it would have made a nice poetic ending to a great season and a great career. Combining this with the first study, it’s safe to say that North Dakota was the better team .

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