Dn angel dating sim

Short stories about eternal love which i find fantastic.

The lead is great even though he barely does anything.

So one should forget about comparing it with manga as it makes no sense whatsoever.

The manga has each volume dedicated to each heroine separately, which it makes more sense considering it was a game with all interactions and possible choices between heroines.

If you're just looking for some quick and fluffy love stories then this will be a nice little read.

This manga as already stated by da_Mi GHTy_p LUm is one of those "guilty pleasure" titles. It really is one of those manga's you will always hope you can read the next chapter.

So i say read this manga to please the hopeless romantic in you....

Last updated on September 5th, 2009, pm I love the art on this manga also the story and various setting depending on each gal.

At the end he ends up with one girl and when the next volume starts the plot also resets.

This setup has a couple of advantages over a normal manga, namely that no girl feels marginalized and everyone ends up with a quick 8-10 chapter plot that concludes nicely.

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