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Well, our firs step will look funny or awkward for you.However we have recommended this for our users and it’s sometimes work.However if you don’t want to do it for some reason, you should do alternative ways.Unfortunately you can’t delete this video but you should keep watching some video sites.(Even threatening someone or an organization is a crime on some countries and states) So Firstly, if you think that, the recorded video may harm your privacy and security, recorder (The person who has recorded you) has committed a crime.

There are many people who has arrested because of that.) We recommend you to apply police or FBI if there’s something criminal with your video.If you are lucky enough, you can get the link of the video. Answer: Hello Camilla, We have sent you instructions via Facebook about this incident.That’s how you can find your recorded video on other video sharing sites. However there are some important stuffs about situation, if you are from Indonesia, you can do much about this situation. Would like you to find these videos and/or pictures of me and banned the shit out of this person ??? However it must be highly likely that one of your colleagues. Question: Someone is posting my phone number and my name on Omegle and I got a few calls recently from males and countless whatsapp chat requests. Answer: I am sorry to hear that your privacy has been violated. Question: I was chatting with a man from Arkansas today. All I know that he is living in Arkansas because he only told this me. Answer: Me and my teammates are really quite sad because of the incident that you have faced on Whats App. We had many stories like that about Omegle but this is really very different.You can ask us if you have any questions with commenting this page. You shouldn’t give up from your decision though but you should try convince him not to do such behaviours.Question: I have met with someone on Omegle a few months ago. We recommend you to follow the popular social media websites (as you have already told: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) for some time and make searches on these websites with your name and surname.

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