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Choosing the most suitable network refers to the initial pool of candidates one should start with.

Behavioral traits, league, demographic factors (e.g. female, 25-35 years old, never married, etc), and other traits that one personally prefer should be considered when choosing the network to start.

The columns contained in Mastery IV are the first 80 Advanced System columns previously available only to Doc Love Club Members. Maybe it serves to help people understand that you have to play the numbers game (date many women), and it's also an excellent approximation to estimate the probability of an event in given circumstances. I remember reading this as well many times before, and I do think there quite a bit of truth to it.According to Doc Love, If you ask 30 (randomly sampled) women for their phone numbers: Howdy u/Catfurst As fate would have it, or maybe due to my otherworldly Spidey senses, I decided to check on this little sub today after... With that being said, it's an , and one that I believe shoots on the more conservative side just to make guys be more realistic on the numbers game that dating can often be, versus them thinking they're going to win over every girl they meet. once you get more advanced within , you can greatly improve your odds by picking up on interest indicators, knowing how to build interest with "challenge" and other strength qualities, and keying in on the type of girls with great attitudes that are givers from the get go through the power of observation.In Mastery IV you get the first 80 Advanced System columns and two bonus articles on Money & Sex.Remember, Mastery IV contains only Advanced System Class columns and not Doc’s regular article.

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Vintage Doc Love comes through as he’s MEANT TO, plus now you don’t have to WASTE TIME searching multiple sites for the few articles that fit your specific need. The show includes interviews with Miss PA American Coed 1996, a former New York City Model, PLUS calls and emails from guys just like you!

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