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d Brn C0 A unit used to express noise power in d Brn C referred to, or measured at, a zero transmission level point (0TLP). It is used to express the relationship between two signal powers, usually between two acoustic, electric, or optical signals.

Dedicated LAN Network segment allocated to a single device. Dedicated Line A communications circuit or channel provided for the exclusive use of a particular subscriber.

Digital Cross-Connect System Functionality (DCS, DSX) Functionality that provides electronic cross connection for individual constituent digital signals within a high-speed digital line.

There are two unbundled types of DCS available: Narrowband and Wideband.

For example, if a Verizon end user must dial 11 digits (10 1) to make an intra LATA toll call from community A to community B, a competing carrier's intra LATA toll end user must also be able to make the call by dialing 11 digits. Digital or Digitized Any type of information that can be output, transmitted and interpreted as individual bits of binary information (the use of the numbers 0 and 1), using electrical or electronmagnetic signals that can be modulated to convey their specific content.

Digital Certificate An electronic identifier that ensures a Certification Authority, such as Verizon, that a computer requesting access to specific applications has been verified, registered and secured via message encryption, by Verizon Security.

d Brn A unit used to express noise power relative to one picowatt measured with C message weighting.

d Brn C A unit used to express noise power relative to one picowatt measured with C message weighting. DSC See Digital Cross-Connect System Functionality. Decibel (d B) The logarithmic unit of signal power ratio most commonly used in telephony.

Under a plan that provides dialing parity, end users do not have to dial extra digits to use the service of a non-dominant carrier.

Dedicated lines are used for computers when large amounts of data need to be moved between points. Dedicated SONET Ring A private dedicated fiber-based optical ring service offered by Verizon Wholesale. Default Route Entry in a routing table that can redirect any frames for which the table has no definitive listing for the next hop.

Delay Amount of time a call spends waiting to be processed.

Even experts need occasional help with telecom terms.

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Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) Refers to devices such as personal computers or data terminals, as opposed to Data Communications Equipment (DCE) such as printers or modems.

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