Emma koenig speed dating is internet dating healthy

I don’t know that there’s an award I can give Emma Koenig and Jeff Ward right now, but I would.Perhaps some sort of Nobel Prize for Achievements in the Field of Making All of My Relationships Seem Cliché.

The best post of all surrounding Yankees' captain Derek Jeter who the hackers said would miss the rest of the season due to sexual reassignment surgery.

And what jump starts a Friday like watching multiple people trip over stairs? So, what luck we have this morning as this vid popped up on my news feed.

Filmmaker Dean Peterson’s “New York City Subway Stairs” […] More There are many women in the world who are unable, for a plethora of reasons, to achieve orgasm with a partner.

Whether it’s a level of self-consciousness or a medical issue, some ladies out there have to take to self-pleasure to get their rocks off.

New research, however, is showing that there might be ANOTHER […] More Sometimes you just need a little giggle to get your day going, which is why I’m jumping right into this Thursday with another nominee for the #Song Of The Summer.

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We do not seek idleness; rather she seeks us out in the breath of our adamant protest.

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