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now expect to see and welcomes via live chat box upon visiting a website.It is commonly believed that when e-commerce customers have queries regarding their purchase, they tend to wait for a response.Offering live chat on your homepage can help visitors feel more welcome on your site.It is also a creative way to start establishing your firm’s service offerings early on and set the basis for earning your customer’s trust.

Following are some of the reasons why live chat is an ideal option for your B2B e-commerce sites: In a digital world, speed is the king.

That loyalty is earned with the passage of time by relentlessly providing excellent products along with professional sales services.

When your B2B business is online, introducing the concept of live chat is the key as it pushes the customer service and engagement to a new level, forming valuable trust, and substantially boosting your sales.

It demands utmost credibility and trust when you deal with people’s money.

Source Live presents an ideal opportunity to the financial advisors to provide instant, personalized financial services to new clients so that they can invest with confidence.

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