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As a result of these questions, Wise Guyz was born.

As an organization with a long-standing tradition of effective, innovative programs in our community, we saw an opportunity to deepen our impact and tackle an issue at its root. It just gets you thinking.” For the past several years the Centre for Sexuality has been evaluating the change and effects of the Wise Guyz program through quantitative and qualitative research methods.

That’s why it’s crucial that, as women, our behavior on the job is beyond reproach.

A few years ago, the Centre for Sexuality (formerly Calgary Sexual Health Centre) began to see a critical need in the community.

We recognized that most sexual health services were targeted to women, and that while teen pregnancy rates had dramatically dropped, STI rates continued to rise.

“We’re excited to see Wise Guyz moving the needle on these complex issues.” Attendance is free.

He is being recognized for his amazing work with the Wise Guyz program, as well as his entrepreneurial drive in other areas of his life.

Read the full article here: And another great moment of 2013 ► Our Wise Guyz program was recognized with 2nd place for the 2013 Helen & Fred Bentley Award for Excellence!

We recognize that boys are half of the sexual health equation.

We also know that many of them are under pressure to play masculine roles, which can lead to unhealthy sexual choices, bullying and even violence later in life.

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Our goal for Wise Guyz is to demonstrate it as a best practice model for young men in the prevention of violence and the promotion of healthy sexuality.

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