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' The board's consideradon of all t h eelected officials salaries and bcncnts will affect the next ternd tt |^ ffi S i*i Mav 2005.

Township Supervisor Dan Vehtunfr^ieafthe numbers might be moot for those now in position, as the next election could completely change the line-up of officials.

Craig Somerville of the Antioch Police Department, Officer John Laskowski was on his regular patrol when he saw Frisell trying to start the snowmobile that was sitting in the middle of the ice rink.

The^.snpwmobile^ ha^^ re por fedr^ stolen^* f r t M Township five days prior.

The resolution was approved by a 3-2 vote, wi Ui Venluri and TVuslee Glenn Mc Collum opposing on tlie grounds that the reqiiest was Illega L.

At a subsequent meeting, when Venturi produced infor- mation rcgarding JUig'pre^^ requirements set by the statej the board unanim QUsl^rescinded the resolution. B20 r • ■«ii«i i Lipl O -t't « a • 1 1'« t »B1 I f « t • t l U.* ri I f i\ 1 ■. 822-23 Blackman^Termce w^mri^ted by the Lake Cqimty Sheriffs Office on Feb.

I'risell, who was report- edly out of jail on parole, was taken to bond court and put on a parole hold.

"With the full face mask, AVe can have better communication betweeh^tender and diver, but we always practice rope-tug sig- nals," Heitman said. "Our auction, to be held at the end of the derby^on Sunday, Feb.TVustees salaries are fixed for the full 4-year term. sslnfi ^Uonandtheiiiidal^^^^ fc thatshovv eight children in 16 separate Instances either p [itib Ui^br Mly nude/it became apparent diat there were! Grays Iake,'l L60030 ' Main Office 847-223^161 • [ Home Delivery B47-245-7500 WWW. com ixf^ Use someforadmnpayme^^^^^^^^ (as SEE' - r' - Mike Stanekpf the Libertyville Rre Department is helped out of the water by John Gaffke, also 6f Ubertyvllle, and Lake VUla Rrefighter. - _ ■ - _ , , ' Smoke and fire are not the only hazards firefighters face By JUUE MURPHY ; [email protected]■ - ■ * .k Pre s e nt annual salaries, in the fourth year (2004-05) of c U TO nt term, are as follows: Supervisor. If it's not running into a burning build- ing, It'sdlving Into icy waters.By continuing to browse on this website, you accept the use of cookies for the above purposes.If you are under the age of 18 years, you do not have authorization or permission to enter this website or access any of its materials.

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An abortive attempt to change salaries and benefits was made in May 2002, when Trustee Homer Lawson asked the board to approve adding health benefits to the trustees* com- pensation.

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