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I don't give a rats' ass if my boss is a woman or gay or a hermaphrodite or a fucking turtle with wings as long as he's/she's a professional. "Maybe I should go and you'll call me when she's done? Call me when she's done, I'll be here in three seconds." At that moment the door opened and my new boss came out. She wore a dark navy colored suit that smelled of professionalism but I had to admit she was a looker. She was slim in the right places and she had what it takes to make a man smile in all the other places. Years of working out in the gym have made me fit but never had the desired effect of building me some big shoulder muscles. ** "Wow, I've been with the company for two weeks but I'm still amazed every time when I get out here." She was leaning over the balcony. We're the only floor in the building with a balcony. I would be taking my lunch here everyday if the smokers didn't claim this place." She locked the balcony door to the office. I'll pass a memo today." "You'll have mutiny." I laughed. Not only had we managed to catch up with the Gantt. He's having difficulties in Europe and the firm decided last week that a software project is too much of a luxury." "They're shutting us down? They'll simply cancel stages three and four of the project. But she's fresh from the university, she doesn't have the experience." "She also costs half as much as you do.

"I'll go back to my cubicle, I have tons of work that needs doing. "If you don't mind we'll make this meeting in the balcony. Probably to emphasize just how great her legs looked in her skirt. I like the feeling of, well, being the big strong man. I think I'm going to rule this place as a non-smoking zone. "The client is very pleased with the Multiring-MK5 project." "He should." I breathed out, thinking I was on safe ground again. Three years ago I took a bad team and a project that was stuck way behind schedule. " "No need for that." She smiled that warm smile again. But there is a problem." Oh-oh, there goes my raise, I knew I shouldn't have peeked at her bobs. " "The client is suffering like everyone due to the recession. What a waste." "No they'll take what we've done so far and sell it as it is. "Any chance for me to settle into any of the other projects? As a regular programmer, slim." "We're talking regular programmer salary, right? "Shit, and here I was talking about a raise a moment ago.

And please be on time, she got a perk about being late." "I will. I was just on my way to your office." "Great, I'm really looking forward to see you. She put on something feminine, faint, but it had a nice presence. She opened the top button, took a company brochure from the table and used it as a makeshift fan.

She's a hermaphrodite." "You're a fucking racist." Jim said. She got all the right stuff, super size at no extra charge." "You're a perv." I said. Remembering Diana's warning about the new boss' meticulous nature I hesitated before answering.

The only thing I care about is whether she's gonna stand for Chin's promise and give me the raise at the evaluation today." "Today? "She cancelled all the annual evaluation meetings." "Fuck. Diana rescheduled everyone." "Strange." I said as I scrolled through my outlook inbox. Maybe I'm not on her list or something." I picked up the phone. I heard you rescheduled everyone's evaluation meetings with the new boss. She specifically said she wants to see you." "What for? "The boss' pet." "I swear the first time I talked to her was yesterday morning when we bumped into each other on the elevator." "What did she say? " "Yep, she smiled and she actually seemed like a very nice person." "I bet ya she's a wild cat in bed." "You're a fucking hopeless pervert." ** Three minutes before the meeting my phone rang. Oh, and be a dear and bring with you a cup of cherry herbal tea.

We actually dated a couple of times until I found out about her "no sex till marriage" policy. Not that she said anything but I always felt like she was keeping a grudge. Wait here." "Ok." I pulled out my laptop pretending to be busy though I was too anxious to do any real work. At some point, she unclasped her shiny raven black hair, letting it free in the soft wind. To my surprise she chose to put her shapely behind beside me. Last week I've managed to sit down with almost all the rest of the team leaders. "We actually gave your project documentation as an example for a prospective client last week as a high-quality project sample." "Great, so you know I'm not just bragging. It's tough times for our company too, Ian." "Wait, what do you mean by most of us? I knew the meaning of a being sacked during recession.

She's new and she's different and probably insecure. Diana put on a smug smile when she saw me with the cup. If someday someone manages to invent a shrinking machine and take something like 20 percent off her, she could easily become a successful model. Her position and the tight skirt left little to imagination concerning her pear-shaped ass. "Or at least it won't make you very popular." "I think I will anyway." She said. I sat down on one of the couches, figuring she'll take the opposite sit. We also included an algorithm in the mathematical engine that improves performance by 60 percent. We used agile XP methodology, almost 100 percent unit test coverage, full UML documentation. None of the other projects in this firm can boast anything close to that." "Yes, well, very impressive." She said though I could clearly see she didn't have a clue if it was. They'll keep just one programmer for maintenance." "Wow." I said. " "We'll try to find other projects you might be assigned to, though most of you will have to go home. I know every line of code there." She let down the brochure. We would have preferred you, but the client simply won't pay that much." "Ow." I said.

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