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We follow a small, community-based model that encourages women to develop healthy, non-sexual relationships with other women in treatment.Within this community, women live together, eat together and participate in intensive group therapy as a unit, developing healthy bonds that nurture trust and self-care.This allows us to diagnose and treat all co-occurring mental health conditions.Couples and family therapy – Sex addiction and intimacy disorders have a profound impact on your relationships.

Some of the unique features of our love, relationship and sex rehab program include: Learn more about our therapies, take our sex addiction assessment or call 888-477-6285. Our women’s sex addiction and intimacy disorders program provides a nurturing, accepting space where women can heal deep emotional wounds and learn how to develop honest, healthy connections.Our treatment team will work with you to develop a comprehensive aftercare plan.This may include: At the Center for Relationship and Sexual Recovery (CRSR) at The Ranch, men struggling with sexual addiction and intimacy disorders receive highly structured and individualized treatment in a gender-separate environment.We offer trauma therapies and will help you explore the shame around your disorder.We’ll help you learn to be vulnerable and trust people again. Treatment for underlying issues – Sex addictions are often fueled by co-occurring mental health disorders.

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