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I never considered this option but now you put the thought in my head. 2) Do you speak any Bulgarian or is the relationship all in English? Not her taking petty stuff but she is in your flat all day, your identity and financial account numbers could be in circulation back in Bulgaria. 2) No, only speak "malko" Bulgarian (little) - her English is good. 5) Yes she liked my apartment even though its only a small 2 bedroom place.

I live in Chesterfield, a small town near Sheffield.

Has anybody mentioned the lack of game displayed it the op post.

I know a dude who's 45 about 5'9 and he's smashing a solid 7 32 year old.

The key difference I have found is that they do "give" you something back whereas your English woman in my experience gives you nothing and takes all.

My girlfriend does all the cooking and cleaning and does not moan about it.

The types of women I would date would be nothing special in terms of looks and normally the same age.

The standard of living is low in Bulgaria , rightly or wrongly I thought I would have some value there (Today PM) Nolecbo [0] Great post, thanks for the info and the update. I am in Manhattan, my apt is awesome by NYC standards but could be a shock to anyone who grew up in the country. Looks fairly genuine to me, aimed at Bulgarian women looking for relationships with foreign men.If you are looking for a relationship my advice would be start pipelining now with a view to them moving next year if the relationship develops. Hello,just out of curiosity : why did you go to a Bulgarian website instead of looking for more "famous" nationalities like Polish/Czech?Also,aren't there many Polish ladies already living and working in the UK?Or have you have some barrier set up to avoid that?Possibly - she's a woman she's knows she has value here.

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She seldom drinks and will have 2 glasses of wine at the most and I have not seen her drunk only merry.

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