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Phone sex operator Lauren suggests “setting the stage” with a quick call or flirty text that will make your partner really look forward to talking with you.Try sending off a “can’t wait to hear your voice tonight,” to leave them wanting more.Say something like, “I confess I’ve always wanted you to go down on me while I rant about that totally passive aggressive thing my roommate did” or “I confess that I fantasize about understanding what a vaginal orgasm feels like.” Finding out what your partner’s “confessions” are can be great fodder for future phone-sex fantasies.Maybe you hate the outdoors and would never in a million years be caught doing water sports.Put the buzz up to the speaker so your partner can hear Sometimes physically saying words out loud can leave you in a fumbled mess—especially when those words are erotic and sexual.So start by pregaming your phone sesh with a few fun and sexy text messages to get you thinkin’ right.As for role-play scenarios, Lauren suggests: cop, sexy nurse.

Toys can increase the likelihood of orgasming and allow for more areas to be pleasured while on the phone,” says Mahalli.

Lauren suggests, “Imagine I’m a sex robot you can program to do whatever you want. Imagine if I had done [insert alternative sexy activity].” Some jumping off points, should you need: “What if you realized I was wearing a strap-on under my bikini?

” or “What if we were invited by a sexy woman on the beach to have a threesome?

”Your partner will give their own clues as to whether or not you’re hitting the right buttons.

You might find yourself following along with your partner’s imagination or you might be taking the reins yourself.

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Scroll through for 18 tips and tricks for nailing your phone sex game, plus straight-up lines of dialogue you can steal and use next time (we won’t tell! “Making your partner dictate where and when you can touch yourself is a great way to make phone sex more interactive and include both parties,” says Adina Mahalli, certified relationship expert at Maple Holistics.

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