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It isn't like you can meet up with a new crush at a bar at home (with no one knowing) or for dinner.In fact, candlelit dinners and movies away from "home" onboard are almost un-gettable luxuries.There will always be crew cruise affairs -- from the captain's quarters on down -- deck by deck, department by department.The constant day-in and day-out life onboard is a veritable melting pot.An adapted communication system is also available to meet any need for local meetings and will help you find a mature partner in your neighborhood. All you need to do to meet a new dating challenge is to meet more mature local singles through our dating service and start enjoying your life. Unlike other dating sites for singles over 40, Mature Dating.On one two-week cruise, the Spanish flamenco dancer was seeing the captain.But it's still the same old three-ring circus (whose performances tend to be fairly continuous).It's easy to understand why: With 500 to 2,000-plus cruise ship crew living in one place -- and with the job's natural byproduct of being months away from home at sea -- people naturally seek out companionship as they miss family and friends.

Today, the score is about even between women to men with more diverse ages and nationalities to heighten interest.

Once you've become, er, fond of someone, gaining their attention is easy since most work regular shifts, eat together in the cruise ship's mess, celebrate together at crew parties and enjoy the gossip.

Each ship literally is an island -- and like island living, privacy is nearly impossible to achieve.

One interesting byproduct of today's international crew is living among people from other cultures.

That definitely leads to some uncharted territories when it comes to having relationships.

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