Girls dating guys the same height

I wouldn't care if I dated a girl taller as long as she doesn't care.I like my girl about 5'5 or so (which she is) because it makes it easier to put my arm over her shoulder and what not. ***Los Angeles MISC Crew*** Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

While weight can be controlled with diet and exercise, genetics and other factors play a huge part as well.

| ♫Audiophile♫ | To ∞ & → | The Ohio State University Alumni | Headphone question? I'm not that tall for a guy, so I've only ever met / seen a few girls taller than me. Probably a good thing, she was most likely out of my league.

A traditional spoon wouldn't really work though but there are plenty of other ways to lay together. I shushed her at a hockey game during the goal announcement because I wanted to hear who got the second assist, and never heard from her again after that.

Can we stop pretending that this isn’t a little bit shallow by nature? Women are judged way harder on how we look than men.

Seriously, we’re expected to be damn-near perfect by both society and the men we date.

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