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but that isnt exactly gonna happed The fact they're trained to kill wouldn't bother me.Like Louise said above though, I think some can be a bit cocky (a couple of lads I went to school with are in the marines now) but that it down to the person, I severely doubt all marines are like that. i would look more at personality, but having said that im not keen of tough, violent people..Perhaps its just my experience but ive met a couple of ex-marines in the past and they were very arrogant not very nice people.I dont know whether thats because thats just the kind of people they always were or due to their experiences, training or things they had done and seen, but based on that no I wouldnt.

“Even cotton underwear can retain moisture and minimize air circulation that can lead to vulvovaginal problems like yeast infections,” says Dr. And while there’s no harm in sleeping naked, there’s not enough evidence to make it mandatory, says Dr. If you’re using tampons or a menstrual cup, it’s still okay to skip underwear, says Dr.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing underwear (or not). Still, you might wonder whether going sans undies in certain situations is kinda sketchy.

Here, all the things you should keep in mind before bailing on your underwear.

I wouldn't be able to understand someone who is trained to kill. I want regular sex and I want to know there's a very good chance they'll come home safe everynight. I think it'd be awful, knowing the guy you love is on the other side of the world being shot at and fighting 24/7.

I hate missing people and I hate worrying about people. It'd be hard, you'd worry about if you'd ever see him again, I don't know.

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Like I said thats a generaliseation based on 2 people though and of course it depends on the individual.

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