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As I planned this event, I relied heavily upon this librarian’s site.She had a GREAT explanation of how the event should flow, and it was really helpful as I planned my own meetup.There’s nothing worse than having to shout over other people when you’re trying to get to know someone new, or having to squeeze around tables and chairs to move spots when the time is up.Marketing was, by far, the most difficult part of the whole process.On top of that, I bought tea for everyone in the group who wanted it (our group wasn’t into coffee! The coffee shop we were in just filled up a gallon jug of hot water and had a variety of tea bags available.(I set this all up in advance with the manager.) We had all the fruit, a muffin, a cinnamon role and six doughnuts left at the end of the evening so I had everyone take some home. ) I started off by reaching out to a whole bunch of established restaurants and cafes, and was astounded by how difficult it was to host events at these places.I’m glad I did it just to cover all my bases, but I don’t think it helped with marketing.Eventbrite got the most number of people to sign up. I shared the page with local listserves, blogs and asked my friends to post it to their Facebooks and share it with their coworkers. I don’t know how often I can bug friends to be my personal marketers, but I’m gonna give it go for my next event, too! ) (And if you’re worried that friends sharing the event will mean that only YOUR friends will show up, thus defeating the purpose of meeting new people, don’t worry about it.

Once you’re out of the friendship-incubator that is college, it’s tough to meet new people outside your own little bubble. Friend speed dating is for awesome women who are interested in platonic friendships with other, similarly badass, ladies!I didn’t rotate for a couple rounds, and it made things a little tricky toward the end of the meetup!) Click the link below to read more I made sure to provide my email address and ask about food preferences.But unless you’re willing to fork over the big bucks, and I’m talking more than , it’s not worth it.I paid the least amount, , and no one told me they saw the event pop up on their Facebook.

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I used a free photo from Unsplash to market the event and searched for one till I found a pic that represented a diverse group of people (VERY IMPORTANT! But, when little mishaps occurred, everyone just went with the flow.

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