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One of my customers had a lot of computers that didn’t receive patches because of an old group policy setting cached on the client pointing to a decommissioned WSUS server. The GPO cache file is named and is located in “C:\Windows\System.32\Group Policy\Machine\” I created an application with a single Powershell script that we deployed to all non-compliant computers.Specifying a WSUS server in GPO is not necessary when patching clients with software updates in SCCM. The application was a simple Powershell script that deleted when executed and then run a “gpupdate / force” to make sure new group policy was applied immediately.The default lock screen and the user sign-in screen.The changes you made via GPO probably are changing the default lock screen but that only seems to show at startup or when a user logs out.Group Policy settings refresh automatically every 90 minutes, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes so that not all computers in the domain refresh their Group Policy settings at the same time.

So this tells me that there is not a problem with the users permissions but something with the Windows version or Computer permissions that are stopping group policy from applying.Our current GPO works perfectly with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8.Today we got our first Windows 7 client and I noticed the proxy settings from our Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain were not applying top the Windows 7 machine running Internet Explorer 9.Removing this group policy fixed the issue on a lot of computers, but we still had too many computers that where not compliant. Powershell was once again used for detection method of this application.I wanted to make sure that any non-compliant computer that had a older than today’s date was detected as not installed, while clients with a file from today or newer was detected as installed.

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After updating the Administrative Template I figured I’d be done. I ran ‘rsop.msc’ and ‘gpresult /r’ and both showed the proxy settings were being applied but Internet Explorer wasn’t using our proxy server.

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