This is a pair of CUO Jungle Green shoulder boards that were worn with JG Ceremonial Dress by a Cadet Unit that obtained Dress Commi Rubies Officially Licensed Darth Vader "Supreme" Replica Costume, worn 3 times.Includes Helmet, Pleather Bodysuit, Chest & Shin armour, electronic chest box, electronic belt boxes, pleather crotch guard, cotton robe, cotton floor-length cape, voice modulator speaker. The helmet lenses have been replaced with high quality lens, specifically engineered for this helmet (pictured).Vintage round fosters tray with that print is hard to find worth 100 Blue moon worth 20 South Pacific tray worth 20 Negotiable. Located in Bellbird Park 4300One of the best value Learner Approved Motorcycles on the market today, vastly under rated and an extremely capable all-rounder.This particular example is in immaculate condition throughout, 100% original with pristine duco, just 1,820 klms travelled and rides beautifully.We have passed it along to the concerning team as a suggestion. Hey there, we're sorry to hear about the confusion. Here is the link for your convenience: Take care. We can assure you that there are plenty of genuine users on the site. Please DM us your account email address and the ad I. For more information on… Thanks James Hey Rebecca, Have you reached out to our Help Desk team yet? You can also file a complaint here: to prevent this from continuing. They'll happily advise you further and take action.

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The back ofthe bodysuit has been replaced with mesh, to allow a level of Brand new dog ramp for small, medium or large dogs up to 50kgs.

Suitable to help pets in & out of cars or anywhere around the home.

Visit Media A package that will work for you Our easy-to-use portal, and ongoing support from our account managers, can help you reach the right tenants for private homes, flats or commercial property.

Visit Property A fresh source of customers With so many people from across the UK visiting Gumtree every day, we can help you connect with potential customers who are looking for services in their local area.

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