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She gets injured while 'moshing' (Simon pushed her over, but he never admits it) and ends up feeling faint and queasy - telling Simon she is going to be sick - due to concussion and the drugs.

While Simon is tending to her, she leans in for a kiss, but, as she does so, she vomits violently over herself, Simon, their shoes and the floor.

However that's about as big an "if" as you're ever likely to find!

Everyone has had a mate like cheeky Jay Cartwright.

Simon is pre-occupied with Tara who - still feeling ill - has been sick everywhere again so Simon is "licking vomit off her tonsils" as Will puts it.

In the next episode, Tara hooks Will Mc Kenzie with her friend Kerry and they all go to Waterside shopping centre. In the next episode, Trip to Warwick, Simon and Tara try to have sex in Tara's sister Sophie's bedroom but Simon can't get an erection, due to him listening to Jay's sex advice and begins to hit his penis trying to induce one, scaring Tara.

Neil Sutherland is a boy for whom the phrase 'in a world of his own' was invented.Will, Simon, Jay and Neil get kicked out of the house by Sophie and spend the rest of the night in Simon's car.While they were driving home the following morning, Simon receives a text from Tara ordering him "never to contact her again", thus ending their relationship. She was In a relationship with Simon Cooper From Season 3 Episode 2 - The Gig and The Girlfriend To Season 3 Episode 4 A Trip to Warwick • Hannah Tointon, the actress who portrays Tara, is the real life wife of Joe Thomas, who plays Simon. His parents have divorced and to compound matters, his (totally hot) mum has moved him out of an independent school and into the local comprehensive.Will's last school did a good job preparing him for the outside world - he's smart, confident, well read, quick-witted and outspoken.

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