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When all is written and read, with classic Hollywood guideposts on the road to breaking free, P. I Love You's theme that true love begins with egoismand the word "I"comes through.

Peppered references to luck, leprechauns and what comes "out of the blue" notwithstanding, Holly remakes her own life while honoring the memory of her husband.

Gerry's notes come with instructions that play out as episodes within chapters, from a vocal performance that allows Holly to stop suppressing her pain to an important discovery.

Each realization is part of a progression toward personal happiness. Holly's resurgence falters and flows; she gets angry with friends for moving on, she makes mistakes and she falls apart, running to mommy in the picture's most emotional scenewith the always powerful Miss Bates cashing in on earlier momentsand Holly, letting go of what's no longer alive, emerges with joy, not pain, as her goal.

Director: Richard La Gravenese Writer: Richard La Gravenese, Steven Rogers Producer: Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Despite drawbacks and more clichs than an office Christmas party, this romance starring Hilary Swank works on every leveland it hits home for the holidays. I Love You is ultimately rooted in reality, peeling back the layers of one couple's lives. 'Tis the season and those who welcome happy endings will not be disappointed, though this one is achieved through small, tentative steps, like life's most difficult lessons, some of which are often deeply felt in the last days of a given year.

Release Date: December 21, 2007 Distributor: Warner Bros.

" Later Bates's Patrica says to her daughter, " If you're all alone, we're all together with you in that, too." So even with its intentional quirks and cheesy trappings-- all is forgiven, because ultimately "P. I Love You" is about the courage to love again and live life. S" opens Holly is furious that Gerry told her mother at dinner that they are not planning on having kids right now. Holly laments that she is waiting for her life to start.

Gerry reminds, "We are in life " Transparent to us: Gerry and Holly are soul mates—the great love of each other's life.

Holly Kennedy is beautiful, smart and married to the love of her life - a passionate, funny, and impetuous Irishman named Gerry.

Everyone tries to console Holly when Gerry dies in the prime of life.

But, as anyone who has lost someone dear knows, grief is unique to the individual and Holly holes up, hides and refuses to let go.

That means Holly's friends (Gina Gershon and Lisa Kudrow) include an amiable pal and an acerbic feminist and mom (impeccable Kathy Bates) owns a bar staffed by an awkward Yankees fan (Harry Connick, Jr.).

There's a younger sister, too, who says what's on her mind and does as she pleases.

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