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Second, we can infer some fundamental principles from these findings: Principle 1 — We must appear a worthwhile reward for anyone to work for us Dopamine levels are doubled when certainty is at 50%.This increases the likelihood of a person to chase you and feel good about it.But what is it about this age-old tactic that drives us so wild?Why is unpredictability, a seemingly counter-intuitive behavior, so damn attractive?

We would expect that levels would rise at the receipt of the reward; however, it was discovered that the signal was what triggered release.Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky conducted research to find out more about the conditions of Dopamine release.His results showed two main findings:1 — Dopamine levels in humans rise in anticipation of a reward as well as receipt In one experiment monkeys were trained to identify a signal (light switch), and press a button ten times in exchange for a food reward.Routine and predictability are dull — uncertainty is sexy.It gives us the chase, the anticipation, the highs, the lows — the rollercoaster of emotions.

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