How to propose a girl for dating

One of the top dating mistakes men make is trying to impress her too directly – in other words, through sheer bragging.

Facebook has come to provide the official bragging forum to many, but when it comes to impressing a girl “First promotion within the first two years – check! If you’re itching to post some recent development in your life that you’re proud of, don’t. Being the first person to know about it will make her feel special.

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;) Don’t tag her on your aesthetically profound works of photography, performed with domesticated and wild forms of photography around you (i.e. Share your experiences through comments as you wait for How to Propose a Girl on Facebook – Part 2.

photos of your cute dog and the creeper around your window grills). The only thing over-tagging can earn you is irritation from her.

When your knowledge of her as a person shows through, she’d know you’re really – like really – interested in her.

Talk about doing a thorough research on a potential employer before interviewing with them? If there’s any photo which you wouldn’t want her to see (e.g.

Does that mean I expect him to have had zero relationships in the past? It means I expect him to put in efforts to impress me, and he’s falling short.

And you’ve been so successful that you now want to propose a girl on Facebook? I know you’d been waiting for some Golden Rules of Proposing a Girl on Facebook for quite some time (if the search phrases which bring you to this website are anything to go by ;)). Today’s post is the first part of a two-part series on how to propose a girl on Facebook.

But before going into the exact methods of proposing a girl on Facebook, I’ve decided to lay down some basic rules of Facebook dating.

those of your ex-girlfriend, or documentation of the effects of excessive amounts of alcohol on you. Disable your friends tagging you in photos if need be.

Remember – this is not about painting a false picture of yours, but about making the efforts to impress her that she expects you to make.

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A marriage proposal is a milestone in a couple's relationship that shouldn't be taken lightly.

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