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Therefore, the International Church of Christ tends to be very legalistic and controlling.Many of its former members attest to requirements that they confess their sins to their disciple leaders, that they submit to the decisions of their disciple "leaders" regarding dating, frequency of sexual relations for married couples, jobs to take, places to move, and so on.The Crossroads Church had a program on discipling which became known as the Crossroads Movement.It is out of this Crossroads connection that the present leader of the ICC, Kip Mc Keen, received his start.

However, are Dating that Delights God, Man and Woman!

The ICOC, or International Church of Christ, is a family of churches spread accross 155 nations of the World.

They are racially integrated congregations made up of a diversity of people from various age groups, economic and social backgrounds.

Christians are saved by the grace of God, through their faith in Jesus Christ, at baptism.

(Ephesians , Romans , Acts , Matthew -20) They do not subscribe to the "sinners prayer" as a biblical method of conversion (James -26).

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