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I had to take sick leave from work, I lost two stone in weight, I lost concentration and I did not want to leave the house.The depression eventually lifted and I felt well enough to go back to work with a maintenance dose of antidepressants and the support of my family.I sat in the bath and the water suddenly became discoloured with faeces. He was very supportive and said he would refer me to a specialist.

This personal account of living with faecal incontinence provides a rare insight into the direct effect that the problem has on self-esteem, close relationships and employment and family life.He was very supportive and said he would come with me to see the consultant.At first I wasn’t sure but decided that, as I had tried to manage this alone and had not been successful, now was the time to accept help.However, after 15 months, the faecal incontinence started to get worse again.The GP referred me back to the consultant and we discussed a trial of a neurostimulator to see if it improved the problem.

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I had had my bowels opened in the morning and stopped leaking mid-afternoon. As I was cleaning my teeth I felt like I needed to go - I did and my bowels opened. I didn’t go out and cried myself to sleep in the spare room after cleaning up my mess.

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