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Specifically, we identify distinct subgroups of adolescents based on past-year TDV victimization, whether adolescents change victimization statuses over time (e.g., from psychological victimization to physical victimization), and how exposure to interparental violence and gender influence the prevalence and stability of TDV statuses.Adolescents (N=1,042) from 7 public high schools in Texas participated in this longitudinal study.

To examine the potential mediating role of appraisal, 169 high school students completed the Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict (Grych, Seid, & Fincham, 1992) and Child and Adolescent Dating Relationships Inventory (Wolfe, Scott, Reitzel-Jaffe, Wekerle, Grasley, & Straatman, 2004).

Adolescents ’ appraisals of parental conflict and their emotional distress mediated the relationships between nonviolent parental conflict and dating violence.

In contrast, interparental violence directly predicted involvement in dating violence.

There are interventions to address inter-parental conflict for families in or at risk of poverty which are effective, but the UK evidence needs to develop further The UK evidence of effective programmes to address inter-parental conflict to improve child outcomes is at a relatively early stage.

Interventions that have robust evidence are mainly those tested overseas.

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