Intimidating someone bigger than you

For instance, I know tons of people who can bench press 315lbs for repetitions, yet they look way smaller than some who only bench 225lbs.Even though the 315lb bencher has more total muscle mass than the 225lb bencher, the 225lb bencher has certain body proportions that automatically make him look bigger.You can have a great horesehoe, but if you lack size in the long head of the triceps, your arms will ALWAYS appear small.

For max size, always focus on long head development.Make sure to do extensions BEHIND the head, as this will stress the long head of the triceps to a large extent.By getting a bigger long head, your arms can actually look really big without being super strong.This is true when you are overweight or chubby, but not when you are already lean.If you are sub 15% bodyfat, you are not maximizing your overall size.

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When you’re a drug-free lifter, it can sometimes be very difficult to look big and muscular.

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