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I need to find a way to invalidate the session when the user closes the browser.We are currently calling a servlet from a javascript function that is called via the onunload function.This all make sense, however, now we have a requirement that the user, when they click logout, should be signed out completely without having to close the browser.Is there anyway to sign out of a session without having to close the browser?People tend to forget that HTTP protocol is STATELESS.So you don't have an open connection which is closed when the browser closes.==== Incidentally, as a bit of a surprise to me, the following code and redirecting the user to the Open Document URL with a logon Token establishes two separate sessions.Calling logoff() on the bo Session below will close out the first session, but doesn't effect the Open Document session at all.

SAP claims this isn't being addressed in older KB issues 1384496 & 1437785 although they provide a workaround for the problem in 1897531 which only works for BO 3.1.Is redirecting to the Sign page not the 'Share Point' way of doing this, or is there another way?It all depends on which type of authentication scenarios you have in place. Sharepoint-Keep Session Authenticated) and abandon's session variables for the current user. using Javascript calls to Clear Authentication Cache or for Claims based authentication (which gets more complicated as in Chun Liu's article on MSDN) If you use Kerberos, ADFS, STS you will always notice there is a "Fed Auth" cookie present in browsers except IE. clear Authentication Cache()-on logout click add script to clearauthenticationcache() in _layouts/or create a custom signout page in SP and clearauthenticationcache() it works only with IE .Visit Stack Exchange We have, essentially, a custom application inside of Share Point.We have a Logout button in the application that redirects to the _layouts/Sign page.

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