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There are many people who accuse WWE star Nikki Bella of using her relationship with John Cena to get over backstage.This accusation has even come up when people are cutting promos on air against the Bella Twins.Randy Orton / Brie Bella / Daniel Bryan April Mendez (AJ Lee) is upset that her boyfriend cheated on her and her best friend isn't there to make her feel better. Reigns (Roman Reigns) notices something is wrong, can he make her forget? this is not like the TV program, but it is exactly what it says on the tin.(ONE-SHOT)AJ Lee denies her feelings for John Cena because he is in a relationship with Nikki Bella. rated M for a reason hot and funny what more could you want? Mollie ran away from her abusive husband when she feared for her life.She found a job with the WWE and is soon thrust into the world of sports entertainment.What happens when she sees WWE's biggest star nursing a broken heart, just like her?When she turns to an unlikely source for comfort what will happen? She hears that his primary interest is to bed women, especially the younger talents. John Cena is in a very happy marriage with his wife. One day John discovers he has a fourteen year old daughter. Will that give her motivation she needs to leave her unhappy life?

Cena previously dated Total Bellas and former WWE Superstar Nikki Bella. Bella is currently dating her former Dancing With the Stars partner, Artem Chigvintsey.

What will he do to show her he's not what she thinks he is.

“It’s kind of boring in the dating life, but other than that, it’s been a lot of fun,” she told Us Weekly.

Author has written 98 stories for Wrestling, Timeless, Lost Boys, Misc. Movies, 13 Reasons Why, Final Destination, Pretty Little Liars, Crow, Carrie, and Jurassic Park. To me she will always be the Queen of the Divas division and the true Divas Champion. A postponed engagement and a relationship of vindictiveness has left Brie Bella confused and heartbroken. Is Randy just using her to get his title back, or does the Viper really have feelings for her?

Sadly as of April 3rd 2015 AJ Lee officially retired. What happens when Charlie finds out Dean isn't who she thought he was? What happens when she goes on the road with him and ends up falling for Johns biggest enemy, Randy Orton?

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